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“It’s not that I’m afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens”.

Woody Allen

This is so true for many people, including me:   “Hey, I’ve got plans next week!”

. . . living life dying death. . . is a call to conversation.

I am passionate about listening and talking about death and dying because I believe the simple fact of the matter is that if we all start sharing these conversations we will live better and die better.

The core purpose of this project is to begin a forum where we can become comfortable with talking about death and dying.  I want to raise awareness of the full potential this stage of life has to offer in bringing deeper meaning to both our living and dying.

It’s a courageous exploration within ourselves, as well as within our relationships and society at large.  Conversation has power, sharing our stories, listening to others, reflecting and re-telling our experiences,  has power to transform our lives, one conversation at a time.

Never to diminish the overwhelming sadness and pain associated with serious illness and tragic deaths, but to be open to the wide experiences possible within the dying process and death itself. I want to listen and talk about all of it:  the pain & laughter & sorrow & understanding & the love & mystery & gratitude & uncertainty & the hope & anxiety & compassion & paradox…  the and.

Talking about death is talking about life.

It’s about the .…&…. life and death.

My experience is that most people have fascinating thoughts, experiences, ideas, beliefs, stories & questions surrounding death and dying.           Do you?

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