Courageous Conversations

I am starting a new campaign, it’s called,

Courageous Conversations


Quite simply, it’s a grassroots effort to encourage people of all ages and stages of health to tell their doctors and health care professionals that they want to talk about and explore their personal thoughts and choices regarding death, dying, and end of life care options. This is not necessarily a one time conversation, but an ongoing relationship that allow doctors and other health care professionals to focus on their expertise of improving health while at the same time understand the patient’s openness to discuss difficult topics such as death, dying, pain, palliative, and hospice care. ┬áLet’s lean into the tension between wanting to talk, a little afraid to talk, and not knowing when the right time to talk is. ┬áThe time is now.

There are reminder, business size cards being created for individuals to carry for courage!

The front:





The back:

Talking about End of Life

will improve my

Quality of Life.


Please contact me to join in this campaign that encourages

Healthy Conversations about Death and Dying to Inspire Life and Living!