Life Beyond Words

An instrumental harp CD arranged and performed

by Jennifer Collins Taylor, MSW, CMP

There is a place and time in Life when music or silence is all that needs to be said, this is Life Beyond Words. Music throughout history has been a source of relaxation, comfort, joy and inspiration. These melodies are arranged to allow the listener to relax, dream, or find comfort in an atmosphere of peacefulness.

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Living Life Dying Death

A Guide to Healthy Conversations about Death and Dying to Inspire Life and Living

This book is a call to action for you to find the courage, comfort and confidence to have conversations about death and dying, with the overarching hope that you will embrace living well and dying well.


• In times of health — reflect on, explore and express your beliefs on the very nature of life and living, death and dying.

• In times of health challenges — use this book as a guide to initiate difficult conversations when faced with the possible decline and death of your self, friend or loved one.

• In times of grief — use this book to bring support and hope to the dynamic experience of grieving.

Courageous conversations about life and death allow the strength and beauty of the human spirit to shine.

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Softcover : $12.99



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Mourning Bracelet

For times of grief, loss and remembrance

The simple beauty of the bracelet’s black silk thread and sterling silver clasps invites awareness, support and healthy conversations about death and dying to inspire life and living.  The sterling silver charm is engraved with the Living Life Dying Death logo – a scripted letter L and D that are integrated to symbolize that life and death are deeply entwined.  Give this bracelet as a gift to yourself, loved ones or a group who have experienced loss, to honor the balance of life and death.

Please measure the circumference of wrist and note size when ordering.

S=6 inch    S/M=6.5 inch     M=7 inch     M/L=7.5 inch     L=8 inch

L/XL=8.5 inch                                XL=9 inch

Price: $20.00