relatively speaking

relatively speaking

looking at the informal ways we talk about death and dying in our everyday conversations

When was the last time you “died laughing“?  Please tell me below.

It’s interesting to check out the #diedlaughing twitter stream.!/search/%23diedlaughing

 In the relatively speaking blog series

I’ll be highlighting a deathly figure of speech  from my vast collection.

Here are some upcoming phrases:

i’m dying to know

to die for

kiss of death

drop dead gorgeous

i just died

i’ve died and gone to heaven

it’s a matter of life and death

over my dead body

before i die

i’ll sleep when i’m dead

death and taxes

dead giveaway

do or die

deadpan look

dead of night

death watch

back from the dead

innovate or die

dead in the water


starving to death

drop dead

dying of thirst

play dead

love them to death

death warmed over

die-hard fan

dead wringer

dead end

relatively speaking

Talking about death is talking about life. 
Let’s talk about it!