Living Well  &  Dying Well

 I see a future where we reflect, we wonder,

we talk, we listen, we console, we laugh,

we grieve, we inspire.

We die well & We live well.

{ Vision }

In the future, individuals and society will discuss, explore and accept death and dying as a natural part of life. By sharing our experiences, thoughts, stories, beliefs and questions we see how deeply life and death are entwined. As societies, we move toward personal comfort, healthy family dynamics, and policy and regulations that reflect this new understanding and appreciation for death and dying integrated into our lives and living.

{ Mission }

. . . living life dying death . . . creates healthy conversations about death and dying. These conversations utilize conventional and emerging communication technologies that encourage, educate and inspire. We support development of individual, local and societal conversations that generate improved quality of life through open communication about death and dying.