Yoga Therapy Conference in Amsterdam

What a lovely conference!  The Yoga Therapy Conference in Amsterdam was the perfect combination of information and inspiration.

In my presentation I offered my peer reviewed articles on yoga therapeutics and courageous conversations surrounding end-of-life.

Here are the links!

Courageous Conversations

End of Life Yoga Therapy:  Exploring Life and Death

Yoga Therapeutics: Preparation and Support for End of Life

Thank you to all of the participants for your insights and courageous conversations!


Living Life Dying Death


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The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.






relatively speaking

relatively speaking

looking at the informal ways we talk about death and dying in our everyday conversations

talking about death

When was the last time you were “scared to death”?  Please tell me below.

It’s interesting to check out the #scaredtodeath twitter stream.!/search/%23scaredtodeath


 In the relatively speaking blog series

I’ll be highlighting a deathly figure of speech  from my vast collection.

Here are some upcoming phrases:

died laughing

i’m dying to know

to die for

kiss of death

drop dead gorgeous

i just died

i’ve died and gone to heaven

it’s a matter of life and death

over my dead body

before i die

i’ll sleep when i’m dead

death and taxes

dead giveaway

do or die

deadpan look

dead of night

death watch

back from the dead

innovate or die

dead in the water


starving to death

drop dead

dying of thirst

play dead

love them to death

death warmed over

die-hard fan

dead wringer

dead end


relatively speaking

Talking about death is talking about life. 
Let’s talk about it!

Courageous Conversations

I am starting a new campaign, it’s called,

Courageous Conversations


Quite simply, it’s a grassroots effort to encourage people of all ages and stages of health to tell their doctors and health care professionals that they want to talk about and explore their personal thoughts and choices regarding death, dying, and end of life care options. This is not necessarily a one time conversation, but an ongoing relationship that allow doctors and other health care professionals to focus on their expertise of improving health while at the same time understand the patient’s openness to discuss difficult topics such as death, dying, pain, palliative, and hospice care.  Let’s lean into the tension between wanting to talk, a little afraid to talk, and not knowing when the right time to talk is.  The time is now.

There are reminder, business size cards being created for individuals to carry for courage!

The front:





The back:

Talking about End of Life

will improve my

Quality of Life.


Please contact me to join in this campaign that encourages

Healthy Conversations about Death and Dying to Inspire Life and Living!




Start and end every

conversation with words of

love and care.


The words of the

conversation may be

forgotten, but

love remains.


living life dying death  |  A Guide to Healthy conversations about Death and Dying to Inspire Life and Living




Sharing Wishbones

As I waited for my appointment today at my hair salon,  I read Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine.   On a page introducing home and gift items, I found an interesting gold wishbone. The contributor stated that the foot long wishbone is a wonderful conversation starter as it sits on her coffee table.

A woman sat down next to me and we started talking about the intriguing wishbone. Within a minute, she shared that she was a widow and that her husband had died suddenly.  She continued that a friend had asked her what she will miss about her husband and their life together. Her response: “sharing wishbones”.  I inferred that to them it symbolized their hopes, dreams, and wishes for their personal lives and their future together.  She stated that she now will start keeping wishbones, with the wish that someday she will have another to share them with.

It reminds me of a book that I enjoyed:   Consequential Strangers: Turning Everyday Encounters Into Life-Changing Moments.  The people we meet and speak to in our everyday world can make a meaningful difference in living life fully.  We just need to listen.

I think I’ll roast a chicken for tonight’s dinner for my husband and I.